Michigan, The Glove of God

 When God rested on the seventh day
He laid his work glove down on an inland bay
Soon little lakes and rivers were born
As they seeped thru the holes where the mitten was torn
Then up sprang the forests so lush and green
Bringing forth the apple blossom, robin and wolverine
Cradled by great lakes so blue and fair
God decided to leave it there.
When this water wonderland was found by man
It was given the name of Michigan
So if you seek a pleasant peninsula
There are two that you will love
One is called the upper and the lower is God’s glove
Today they are joined together by
A rainbow made by man
And Mackinac is the title of this
Grand and glorious span!


Elsie Keller Minor

Copyright © 2000 Elsie Minor

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